Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Visceral Response

I decided to choose the picture for a multitude of reasons other than the fact that it simply represents a sense of serenity.

The usage of lines, space, and color are what truly captivates me as a patron of art. Not only is it simply a cool picture because of the utter change in elevation but the ability to make you feel warmth and calmness is what makes this photo simply beautiful.

Theres an obvious sense of format in terms of the the way the road directly cuts through the middle of this photo using the aspect of lineage as well as the way the lines direct your attention down the middle of the frame. The beautiful warm colors of the trees create another obvious sense of serenity because of the "homey" type color palette.

There is also a nice use of space as you can see the road continue on into the distance in the middle of the piece. There's really not a much negative space in this photo as most of the piece is filled with some kind of beautiful piece of imagery.

All in all, a very fine piece of art and something that gives you that nice sense of nostalgia we're all longing for. Reminiscent of the long trips as a young child venturing through the likes of upstate New York.

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