Thursday, June 9, 2016

Contrast, harmony and balance

Aside from the very obvious contrast in terms of there simply being a faint sheet of snow in the heart of the desert. The contrast stems in the colors more for me due to the fact that pieces of the desert sand are tainted with a pure marble white. A very harmonious setting in terms of nature showing that there can be not only a contrast in beautiful colors but also a change in weather in a seemingly dead desert biome. This mix of color and weather creates a great sense of balance making for a setting that explicably feels homey.  A nice use of space by the photographer utilizing the rule of thirds by revealing the skyline in the upper edge of the frame as well. All in a all, although not the most artsy use of framing and schematics, its a setting that feels safe and warm which isn't a bad place to go in art from time to time. Also, not a tacky use of "safety" however.

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