Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Axioms of Web

Upon perusing the web for intuitive interfaces utilizing the aspects of seamless browsing and communicating with the consumer, I found a very well organized web page. The web page I found is http://fantasy.co/work. The page interestingly enough displays companies ad campaigns encouraging intuitive design to those who are involved in web design/advertising. It displays an array of examples of companies utilizing interesting design. All the while the website itself is appeasing in it's own right.

The use of grid and flow is what communicates the overall smoothness of the interface. You are able to seamlessly glide through the contents of the webpage in a very efficient and organized manner. When browsing the web page there is a sense of continuity in that the interface itself guides your eye into what you've clicked on. A continuity guided by actual motion, very subconsciously appeasing. The communication aspect itself is fairly self explanatory in that the point of the web page itself is to encourage the use of smart design v. engineering and functionality. Urging companies to focus on the possible upside of well executed design. Another nice subconscious aspect to the page is the simple "blocking" of the links being displayed. It creates for another interesting aspect to the site.

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