Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Design Eval.

Good Design.
I decided to choose a fairly basic topic in shampoo bottle design. Although bottle architecture is not a topic you regularly think about, there is a large importance to contain these products in a packaging that is subconsciously attractive. If you put these bottles next to the ones in the lower example without seeing a price tag, you would more than likely say that these bottles of shampoo would be more expensive. What merits these larger prices. Is it quality of the product? Is it the sheer price of bottling the product in a more formidable incasing. This product is able to use the simplicity of a beautiful winding shape as well as the incorporation of some nice basic cool colors of turquoise and ivory white. Also a very nice use of balance in terms of the way the bottles numerical markings along with the way they are able to conform when stacked up next to one another.

Image result for shampoo bottle

Bad design.
Although a fairly reputable brand, the bottle itself in terms of design isn't very elegantly executed. The straight and flat nature of the lineage with really no form alteration leaves the bottle "unsexy". Although a fairly marketable color in the female community the bottle itself seems as though not a lot of architecture/thought went into the decision making process. When you compare this bottle to the ones placed above, one would guess that the better product would come from the latter. It's in our brains to associate good design with high expense and high quality. When you see something simply designed well you are more willing and apt to pay the prices being presented. You are more justified in paying the more expensive price when something looks nicer. Which is funny.

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